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Work with us

What We Offer

Even though profit is essential to business success, a business cannot be successful if it focuses only on profit. Our employees are our best commodity and a crucial component of our success. We believe that it is impossible to have happy clients without happy employees. Thus, we go to great lengths to ensure our employees satisfaction.

An enjoyable environment

We offer an enjoyable and pleasant work environment. Our workplace is professional and well equipped, yet friendly and relaxed. Our offices reflect a style of comfortable ambiance throughout.

All about balance

We know that healthy work relationships help to foster productivity, credibility, and integrity. This approach yields a positive energy among our employees that is carried into their daily communication and work with our clients. We care about our employees’ health and offer fitness and wellness memberships in addition to premium full health coverage.

Motivation, not micromanagement

We value attorneys who can manage themselves, but we’re happy to offer our guidance and motivation when needed. The firm also maintains a business development department that we encourage our attorneys to use for support.

Open communication

We encourage all our employees to be part of the dialogue and to take ownership in helping to make the firm the best it can be. Our success relies on our employees feeling fully engaged in the process of building and strengthening the firm.

Dedicated to diversity

Diversity is key to building a rich and thriving workforce. Our growing workforce mirrors our country’s rapid social, commercial, and business globalization. Our firm’s culture is built on a foundation of understanding, accepting, valuing, and celebrating the differences within our workforce.
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Trustwortha is committed to positive change, to recruiting attorneys and staff with diverse backgrounds, supporting their success and development, and capitalizing on the strength emanating from a team of people with different experiences. Our ability to reach unity in diversity is the key to our success.

Corporate responsibility

We encourage our employees to do the best they can for their communities and the world at large. Our employees engage in service activities, both individually and coordinated by the firm, and we actively support our clients’ philanthropic endeavors. We believe that a sense of global responsibility contributes greatly to the rich and diverse culture of our firm.

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