Copyright law grants compulsory licensing
and royalty payments

Whether the subject is a literary content creation or cutting-edge multimedia content, clients look to us as trusted partner to protect and enforce their copyrights in an increasingly complex marketplace. Copyright is known as a specific legal protection for content creators (as well as their licensees and assignees) whether in the literary, music & arts, software, or applications. It aims to encourage individuals to create, distribute, develop, perform, and spread their works of learnings, information, or entertainment by giving them financial or other moral benefits (such as recognition). Copyright law grants compulsory licensing and payments. It’s important to point out that there is no analogous concept in trademark law. Copyrights protect the method of expression rather than the subject matter of a piece of work.

If your business owns the copyright to a work, such as painting, song lyrics, music compositions, or a photography, you have full control on how it can be commercialized, and you can use it as a source of income. An international copyright symbol © followed by your name and the year of creation identifies you as owner of the right. Although it does not always prevent infringement but can be a way for others to contact you with requests for authorization of use.

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