Other IP Rights

Other IP Rights



In an age where internet and media are fast developing and work of authorship are easily published and reaching most people, copyrighting your work can be a necessity. Our lawyers will guide you through the broad range of copyright and related rights subjects and the ways to capture and better protect your genuine work from musical, pictorial to artistic, literary, technology related and any other copyrightable work. We will explain the benefits of registering your copyrights and share practical advice on processes to adopt to avert infringement risks. Based on our regional and international copyright expertise, we will highlight any cross-border considerations when it comes to upholding your copyright.

Industrial Designs

Protecting your ownership right in the aesthetic aspect of any innovative design, whether luxury, convenience or technology-related differs between territories and jurisdictions. Our specialized international lawyers will evaluate whether your creation meets the eligibility requirements of novelty and originality to determine the applicable rights to pursue in order to safeguard your invention’s shape, patterns, lines or colors.

Your creation designs are valuable assets that could generate important sources of income. Our dedicated experts can guide you on how to utilize these resources to generate material gain.

Domain Names

In the digital age, internet presence and the corresponding rights arising from domains, webhosting, data protection and privacy, social and digital media are areas of importance for our clients.

A responsible domain name registration will put you at advantage in mitigating future IP infringement risks and unnecessary legal proceedings. Our IP lawyers will help you deal with the different aspects of rights protection related to domain names and actively engage in watching over your trademark to resolve deliberate domain name infringement or breaches by oversight.

We provide you with the relevant expertise through our group of IP lawyers who have the respective legal and digital knowledge to deliver a comprehensive assessment and an effective strategy suited for your needs.

As part of other IP rights that give businesses a competitive advantage, we also protect integrated circuits topographies, plant variety rights and geographical indications.