IP Portfolio

IP Portfolio


Availability Searches
Before applying for an IP right protection, we recommend instructing us to conduct an availability search, where applicable, to minimize infringement risks and the expenses related to investing in developing your IP and marketing it.

Our lawyers will assist you in conducting these searches to determine the availability of your right for use and registration.


Our teams are well versed at registering your Intellectual Property anywhere in the world. We follow a structured registration process and data management systemfrom filing to registration.

During the process, we follow up closely with the corresponding authorities and provide you with updates on your application progress as they are due.


Our teams are dedicated to prosecute your Intellectual Property applications and are highly experienced in responding to Office Actions, interacting with examiners, handling oppositions, appeals and any other prosecution cases.

Recordals of Change in Ownership

Maintaining up-to-date ownership of your IP applications or registrations is highly recommended and in most cases is a must. It is a prerequisite to enforce your Intellectual Property rights and litigate in case of infringement.

We will work closely with you to prepare the supporting change in ownership documents and file the necessary recordal applications in due time at the corresponding IP Offices.


While registering your Intellectual Property rights is crucial, keeping your registrations valid by renewing them before expiry is equally important.
Our teams will diarize the expiry deadlines and seek your instructions to renew your rights well before the expiry dates.