Commercial IP

Commercial IP


Due Diligence
Our lawyers have an extensive commercial experience in advising our clients on all aspects of IP due diligence to better understand IP risks associated with business transactions. We analyze your actual or potential IP assets and liabilities to optimize creating value through your IP portfolios.
We conduct exhaustive investigations when evaluating a possible company merger, acquisition or sale, negotiating a license or a franchise agreement or your behalf or selling your intellectual property right.
Our lawyers employ a rigorous approach to investigation that entails developing unique checklists for each investigation based on a thorough understanding of the main purpose of the investigation.Licensing

Intellectual Property assets are sources for sustainable financial gain. After conducting a careful due diligence on potential partnerships, we engage in licensing your rights by entering into licensing agreements with third parties.

As a licensor, licensing enables you to gain value by securing new income, expanding your business across borders, improving specific features of your product or service, cross-selling and targeting new potential audiences. You can license your right on exclusive or non-exclusive basis, by territory or specific field of use and within specific periods of time in return for royalty fees.

However, despite its inviting financial appeal, the process of licensing doesn’t come without challenges. If not carefully planned and calculated, licensing can cause harm to your company’s reputation and affect the trust of your consumers not to mention investment losses.

We advise you to seek professional advice and require a thorough due diligence before entering into partnerships or business transactions of any kind. Our Intellectual Property lawyers are adept at drafting licensing agreements to protect you from proprietary losses.


Franchising is another way you can grow your business model by giving the franchisee full access to your IP and operating system. As opposed to licensing, a franchisee usually gets territorial exclusivity and follows exactly the system dictated by the franchisor and his know-how.

Franchising is an appealing model to the franchisor especially that the latter has more control over the brand and the process not to mention the considerable financial returns. It also allows the franchisor to expand his model across territories and regions and further promote his business.

Furthermore, franchisors provide training to franchisees on how to manage the business and monitor closely all branding and marketing activities.
Our lawyers are dedicated to guide you through the franchising process and draft your agreements to protect your rights and deploy your terms anywhere in the world.
We also engage in all types of Commercial IP like Copyrights Licensing or any other Commercial IP to optimize your financial gain and mitigate image related risks and their long-term impact on your financials.